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We’re on a Manhunt for Positive Male Role Models

Refer a male friend to volunteer in an Open Books literacy program and you’ll not only earn a $10 gift card to the Open Books store but you’ll be the catalyst for a high-need student’s transformational learning experience too!

Earn a $10 gift card to the Open Books store by referring a male volunteer who successfully enrolls in one of our literacy programs (daytime availability during the week needed) for Winter 2013. Make sure the men you send our way mention your name and/or email address plus “manhunt” in the “How did you hear about Open Books?” field of our volunteer form.

One out of three children in America live in a home without their biological father (1). In Chicago, 72% of poor families are single parent households, most of which are female-headed (2). Roughly 80% of teachers in Chicago Public Schools are female, with even higher rates in elementary schools (3). From the time they wake up to the time they head back to bed, many of Chicago’s youth go through their day without interacting with a single male role model. Numerous studies link higher self esteem, better grades, and lower chance of drug abuse and incarceration to the presence of a father or male role model. image

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